Something Wicked This Way Comes


Yes, I’m in a very dark place. What a better time to share my twisted thoughts than on the eve of Halloween? I don’t normally sink to these depths–I’m a children’s picture book author after all! But sometimes I do go out of the box. Enjoy my meandering mind, y’all!

Some people don’t believe in ghosts or ghouls,
I think those unbelievers are fools.
Evil and demons are all around,
Their dark thoughts ready to take you down.
Chills up your spine? Inexplicable fear?
They are warning sign that danger is near.
I’m not talking zombies, werewolves and such–
I’m speaking of devils you can’t see or touch.
They’re tortured spirits who walk by your side,
Pressing against your heart and your mind.
You might feel their weight on All Hallows’ Eve,
Encouraging you to do a bad deed.
Look over your shoulder–you never know
When a wicked force will possess your soul.

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