You’ll Never Walk Alone

"Robin with Wings" painted by Rowena Cala

“Robin with Wings” painted by Rowena Cala

Over the past several weeks I’ve had a few conversations with friends and colleagues about receiving messages from beyond. You know–THE beyond–the spiritual world. I even “randomly” went to mass on a Wednesday (Oct 2 to be exact) and it just “happened” to be the Feast Day of the Holy Guardian Angels. That day, I got to hear my priest extol the incessant good works of these celestial beings. I’m a firm believer in guardian angels or “guides” as I like to sometimes call them. I developed a strong “angel” radar (okay, an obsession, if you will) when my older brother, Robin, died 9 years ago and became my ethereal winged hero. Today, October 9, is his birthday and he would have been 47 years old.

I have warm memories of my brother, especially since he was two years older than me, and we were close growing up. We had a lot in common, like the love of the arts: music, architecture, painting, drawing, poetry and writing. I always thought of my brother as a Renaissance man. When we buried Robin, each family member had the opportunity to put something meaningful into his casket for him to take to the other side. I tucked away a copy of Shakespeare’s Sonnet #73 into his coffin. I knew he’d appreciate some good poetry, even in the afterlife.

Since that strange November day we said goodbye to Robin, I’ve felt his presence in my life many times. Some of you reading this blog post probably think I’m insane. But too many seemingly “random” or “coincidental” things have happened to me these last 9 years to completely convince me that there are no random coincidences. I know Robin has his invisible hand in events that transpire in my life, especially when there are favorable outcomes, including my path to being a published children’s author.

When my children’s picture book was released earlier this year, my mother said, “Robin would have been so proud of you.” I replied, “I know he is proud of me.” And yes, I sometimes speak about my departed brother in present tense, because after all, he is presently my guardian angel.

Not too long ago, my mom found a copy of Robin’s high school graduation speech from his class of 1984. She read the first paragraph to me over the phone. In his commencement speech, he referenced a line from Shakespeare’s play, Antony and Cleopatra, regarding one’s youthful “salad days” when one is green in judgment. I can honestly say, my metaphorical “salad days” ended the day my brother died–but not in a bad way. His death opened my mind up to a whole new dimension, literally and figuratively.

I often toy with writing a book about Robin, but from the perspective of his current perch from above as an angel, observing our chaotic personal lives and his call to action to intervene when necessary. I know one day he will want me to write this story, and he’ll undoubtedly help guide me through it, looking over my shoulder. And just maybe, “coincidentally,” it will become my best seller.

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  1. I believe. Didn’t before my Dad died, but now I do. I feel him when I least expect to. I’d be more skeptical if he magically “appeared” when I was specifically requesting or needing him. But it’s little moments when I don’t realize I need him that little coincidences happen and I know he’s here. I still chat with him (not out loud; that’s weird) and know that he’s around. So glad Robin keeps tabs on you. 🙂

  2. If you are insane, Rowena, you have a friend in me….but we are not insane. These experiences with spirits cease to surprise me. I recently posted a tribute to a friend on my blog, and he has visited me a few times, very pleased that I honored him.

    Thank you for sharing this. It helps to bring the extraordinary to the ordinary realm.

  3. You have expressed this so eloquently. My recent experiences confirm a couple things. One, you are right on the money about our guardians angels. Two, I am just as nuts as you if this makes us so. Bravo for the courage to put it out there, and I know your words are encouragement to those for whom they are meant!

  4. I remember the speech. I know he is proud of you. I think of him often and wish I could pick up the phone and talk to him. Love the picture with the wings!

    • Thanks Ted. I remember that speech too, especially the “salad days” quote. I haven’t deleted his cell phone number from my phone after all these years. I just like seeing it in my phone. Thanks for the compliment on the painting. Benjie is the owner of it…painted it for Benjie right before he had brain surgery 2 years ago.

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