Happy Earth Day To You

earth3Over the weekend my kids wanted to know what Earth Day is. Luckily I had an answer ready because I happen to stumble upon the origins of Earth Day a few months ago. I was amazed how one man’s singular vision culminated into a world movement. Earth Day was created in 1970 by Senator Gaylord Nelson (Wisconsin) to bring awareness of the Earth’s precious natural resources, and the protection of it, to the minds of the American public.

Earth Day brought environmental protection to the national political agenda and eventually led to the passing of the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts. By the 1990’s Earth Day became a global movement. Senator Nelson’s passion about living a balanced life with nature is awe inspiring.

Four years ago, I wrote this poem about recycling to teach my very young daughters about the need to reduce trash and reuse items. I want them to be environmentally conscious and respect the planet. They know now that many items have multiple lives (and they are almost to the point where they’re becoming hoarders!).  However, I love their ingenuity, even if it’s re-using cardboard toilet paper rolls for crafts or to use as chew toys for their gerbils.

So, to celebrate Earth Day 2013, I’d like to share this rhyme with you. Enjoy!

“We Can Recycle”
by Rowena Cala

We can recycle
and keep the Earth green,
follow along and you’ll see
what I mean!

Let’s recycle these cans
and be thoughtful consumers.
The energy we save will
power lots of computers.

We can collect newspapers
in recycling bins
so the news can be printed
again and again.

Don’t forget glass
from bottles and jugs,
these can be remade
into many light bulbs.

Collect all your plastic
from your sodas and juice.
The more we reuse
the less we produce.

Turn off the lights
when not in the room.
We’ll save electricity
the less we consume.

Yard waste and food
can be turned to compost
to fertilize yards
from coast to coast.

Tired of your toys?
Don’t throw them out!
Swap with your friends –
That’s what sharing is about!

Even your shoes
have reusable parts.
The rubber from soles
become ground for our parks.

Done with that magazine?
Don’t dispose of it, please.
We can recycle the paper
and save lots of trees.

Outgrown your clothes?
Pass them to others –
They can be reused
by little sisters or brothers.

Or pack them for charity–
there are many in need.
Give a helping hand
and do a good deed.

There are many ideas
to be green every day.
So think twice before
you throw things away!

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