Words to live by

Words to live by

Being a newbie author fumbling my way through blogging, I often have anxiety about blog content. When my illuminated, blank screen mocks me, I turn to my trusted stand-by: Google Search. Last night I typed in “March Holidays” and discovered a link called http://www.brownielocks.com that lists every conceivable holiday and event to celebrate, categorized by month. Many of these special days in March are laughable, like “What If Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day: March 3.” No kidding—“Google” it, I dare you. I know I did.

After being side-tracked by this special occasion for felines and canines (which I failed to commemorate), I did notice a pattern emerging from the other “days of observation” on this list. The month of March is a great month to be a reader, writer, and storyteller.

There are many of reasons to celebrate reading in March: Read Across America Day/Dr. Seuss’s Birthday, Grammar Day, World Read-Aloud Day, National Words Matter Week, World Book Day, National Proof Reading Day, National Ghostwriters Week, Read an E-Book Week, Return The Borrowed Books Week, Share A Story-Shape A Future Week, World Folktales & Fables Week, Tolkien Reading Day, and Small Press Month. I’m glad all these reading-related “events” fall within the third month of the year. It gives me several excuses to glorify, and share, my favorite addiction—books.

I love all types of books, but there is a special thrill of owning a brand-new book. No dog-eared pages. No bent-back spine. No frayed edges. And knowing the treasure will find a home in my overflowing personal library. In my world, the possession of a book is always something to celebrate, no matter what month it is.

So to salute all the great events in March focused on books and reading, I crafted a little haiku. And to honor the 27 bones in my human hand, I typed the haiku with my opposable thumbs. Enjoy!

Turning crisp pages-
Words enticing me to read-
Joys of a new book-

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